Laser Therapy

Moorestown New Jersey

Cold Laser Therapy Treatments

Cold Laser Therapy is a relatively new medical treatment with very effective results of decreased pain, numbness and weakness for patients who suffer from chronic pain, numbness, and radiculopathy (pain, numbness, tingling etc. that radiates into the arms, legs, hands or feet).

Infrared Light Therapy's soothing, deep penetrating photonic energy reduces pain and inflammation. Each painless treatment draws water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, creating an optimal healing environment. Laser therapy offers the best in pain relief and expedited healing times. The best thing about this type of therapy, besides the fact that it is non-invasive, drug free and painless, is that there are no known side effects and it has a great success rate.

laser therapyResearch has shown that laser therapies produce faster and more effective results than other modalities. There have been over 2500 medical research papers published about laser therapy and its accelerated healing and pain relief. The laser provides deeper penetration allowing for faster treatments.

Why laser therapy is effective

Helps treat the nerves and grow new small-fiber nerves, rather than just treating symptoms

Stimulates the body to react and heal more effectively

Not a temporary solution (symptoms do not reappear following treatment, like with drugs, supplements or vitamins)

Conditions Treated With Cold Laser Therapy

  • Peripheral Neuropathy in Hands and Feet
    Constant Pain
    Fear of Falling
    Leg or Foot Pain
    Restless Legs
    Problems Sleeping
    Leg Cramping
    Balance Problems
    Throbbing or Tingling in hands or feet
    Burning or freezing sensation in hands or feet
    numbness in hands or feet
    Shooting sensations in hands or feet
    Prickling sensations in hands or feet

What Can You Do?

Contact our office at 856-235-7001 to schedule an initial consultation with our Doctor to determine if you are a candidate for care. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, we will sit down and explain our recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care with Laser Therapy.